• February 17, 2019
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We’re back at Rosedale Park in Kansas City for 2019. We’ll be playing two 18 hole rounds using our (now) signature Green and Pink Diva Feeva courses. These temporary courses include holes from both of Rosedale’s courses, “Up Top” and the “Down Under”.

Introducing Our 2019 Course Sponsors

Rosedale Pink sponsored by Kansas City Flying Disc ClubRosedale Green sponsored by Dynamic Discs

Preparations on both courses for the tournament are underway.  It will be a fun year where everyone gets to play both courses.  

We’re adding in some little twists we discovered from last year that will still be fun but make the courses flow better, and be competitive.

Existing trails are being improved. New trails and a few different basket settings are being added to help with the flow.

For the juniors, there will be new fairways and different tee pads on one of the courses.

Thank You to all the volunteers that continually work on the Rosedale Courses to help make it a Kansas City favorite.

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