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We are currently seeking for more volunteers to join our Planning Committee. We have needs in the following areas:

  • Food & Hospitality: This would include management of Saturday lunch, planning our Players party and Friday Happy Hour. Would also include finding local hosts or hotels discounts to offer our out of town guests. 
  • Volunteer Team: This is about organizing the numerous volunteers into areas like spotting, caddy, committees. tournament staff are volunteers but not all volunteers are staff.
  • Sponsorship: It costs $$ to put on a great event so this is a  very important team. Whether you are comfortable talking to business owners yourself or you have business contacts to share with us and we do the talking, your help will be much appreciated. We need cash sponsors but also donation of services and product.
  • Fundraisers: organizing monthly fundraisers such as taco bars at winter events and other ideas. Typically we serve lunch at Winter Wonderland in December (done), Frostbreaker in February, KanuWyco in March. We also need a fundraiser for April and other creative ideas. 
  • Raffle & Donations: We’ll need items donated for the raffle, CTP prizes, Win your card prizes, Ring of Fire, etc. Not everyone on this team will be responsible for obtaining the donations. We will also need help with overall organizing/managing. Reporting on what donations we have and from who. Help determining what each of the donations/items is designated for.  Someone to sell raffle tickets (man the area) the weekend of the event (or find someone who can)
  • Media & PR/ Marketing: This is a big bucket and includes but not limited to:
    • Special Projects: Are you crafty and creative? This may be the place for you. Crafts, decorations Examples of special projects from last year are the step and repeat, table and shelter decorations, and the wood signs throughout the courses. 
    • General– whatever you need. Sort of a catch-all role. Would mostly include admin type tasks.


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